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A meditation in a time of crisis

In one of his meditations, the blind Church of Scotland minister George Matheson tells us that our common human experience of loss and pain are there to be shared. He says: “We do not all meet under the sunbeam, but we all meet under the cloud. The cloud is the true conductor of the electric spark of love. It carries my life into your life, my thought into your thought, my heart into your heart. It finds the entrance through the walls which prosperity has reared between man and man and unites the soul of David to the soul of Jonathan.” George Matheson [1842-1906]

The experience of loss and pain shared by so many millions during the pandemic provides us with an opportunity to share our common humanity and common need for love and support.

Friends in a time of Crisis

Imprisoned and awaiting execution in Rome, St Paul was visited by a loyal friend from Ephesus named Onesiphorus [2 Tim 1:16-18]. Deserted by others in his darkest hour, Paul’s friend came and brought food, news and encouragement to the prisoner.

In times of crisis friends are especially needed and valued. We may not be able to visit our friends, but we can keep in touch and share news and encouragement during this time of enforced isolation.

Let us give thanks for our friends, so that, encouraged by their example we may become better friends ourselves. Amen.

Shop Closure due to Coronavirus

In view of the fact that all members of our team are regarded as ‘vulnerable’ we have decided to close the shop for the duration of the epidemic. The safety and well-being of everyone is our paramount concern and we will be observing all government and public health advice. As it is likely that the crisis will last several months we need to look after one another. I am sure that team members will wish to maintain contact by telephone, text messaging or email, even though we cannot meet in person.

Unfortunately, this means that the team’get-together’ on 20th April will no longer take place.

Check this news page from time to time for an update and please phone me on 01202 547054 for further information. PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH and take care of yourselves,


News Blog Set up

This news blog has been set up to keep people up to date with our news, especially in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Please call back soon for latest updates on our temporary closure and other news.