St. Martin’s Trust: making an application for a grant

To be eligible, an applicant must live in Dorset (post 1974 boundary changes) and should be prepared to provide supporting evidence including a statement of finances if required. Most applications are made through other organizations (e.g. ‘Handicapped Children’s Action Group’, ‘Turn to Us’ or local clinicians). All requests for funding are treated as confidential.

As a small charity with limited resources, we cannot fund every application, nor can we finance all of the cost of special equipment, but we may be able to make a contribution. Examples where we have been able to help have included part funding towards the cost of mobility scooters for a number of severely handicapped children.

Other grants have included meeting the cost of plumbing repairs for a disabled elderly person (not otherwise eligible for a grant from the local authority) and a contribution towards the cost of college fees for a student who found himself on the wrong course and was unable to obtain a further grant from the local authority.

Inquiries about eligibility should be sent by email to the chairman: the final decision rests with the trustees and will depend on the funds available at the time of application.